Lifetime Wills Frequently Asked Questions

I am currently living abroad and would like to change my name. Can I still use your service?

Providing you are a British citizen you may still use our service to change your name even if you are living abroad at present.

I live in the United Kingdom but I am not a British citizen. Can I still use your service?

Providing you are currently residing in the UK you do not need to be a British citizen to change your name by Deed Poll.

When using your name change service are there any names that I must not use?

You must not use any names that are offensive, rude or lead people to believe that you have gained a title such as Lord, Lady, Sir etc.

Who do I need to witness me sign my Deed Poll?

The witness can be anyone you choose providing they are not related to you and are over the age of 18.

I am a divorced woman who wishes to revert to my maiden name. However, I would like to continue to use my married name for work purposes. Can I do this?

After changing your name by Deed Poll you are agreeing to completely revoke the use of your former name and use only your new name in every instance thereafter. However, some employers will give you permission to continue to use your former name if you have used it to build up a good business reputation.

Who should I inform of my name change and how soon should I do this?

A fully comprehensive list of everyone that you will need to inform of your name change will be included in your FREE Deed Poll information pack. There is no official time frame in which you should notify people of your name change; however you should start to do this as soon as you receive your Deed Poll certificate.

Can I change my name on my Birth or Marriage Certificate?

No. You may not change your name on Birth Certificates, Marriage Certificates or Decree Absolutes. Your Deed Poll document should be kept with your Birth Certificate to prove your name change.

I wish to change my name to a double-barrelled surname after I am married. Do I have to use a Deed Poll to do this?

Yes, you will have to use a Deed Poll to change your name to a double-barrelled surname. If your husband also wishes to change to a double-barrelled surname, he will also need to use a Deed Poll.

Can I use your service even though I live in Scotland?

Yes, you can apply for a Deed Poll in exactly the same way as you would if you lived in the rest of the UK.

I am separated from my husband and do not know his current whereabouts. Can I still change my son's name without the consent of my husband?

If you can prove that you have made every possible attempt to locate your husband’s whereabouts but to no avail, then you can go ahead and change your son's name without the consent of your husband.

I am divorced from the father of my child. My child is 8 years old and we both wish to change our name. Would we require the consent of my ex-husband?

Yes, if you were married to the father of your child at the time of your child's birth or have married him at any time subsequent to the birth, your ex-husbands consent would be required. Even though you are now divorced your husband still has joint parental responsibility.

I wish to change my child's name. I have never been married to the father. Do I have to obtain his permission?

No, as you were not married to your child's father at the time of your child's birth and have not married him since, you have sole parental responsibility. Consent is therefore only required from the mother.