The Deed Poll process has been used by hundreds of thousands of people for over 150 years.


By Deed Poll, you can officially change any part, or your entire name. For example, you can change your forenames, surname (or both), add names, remove names, change the spelling of your names or rearrange your existing names. You can change your name by Deed Poll using our service as often as you want, at any time and for any reason provided it is not for fraudulent purposes.

There are certain documents however that you can never get changed because they are a record of what happened at a particular point in time. These are: birth-certificate, an adoptive birth certificate, a marriage certificate and a decree absolute certificate.

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Famous instances of people renamed by deed poll, include:

Screaming Lord Sutch and Elton Hercules John, the singer, composer and musician, who was previously called Reginald Kenneth Dwight.

By using our expert service you will guarantee that your documents are accepted by all United Kingdom government departments and agencies, companies and organisations to enable you to get all your documents and records reissued or changed to your new name, including: your UK passport, driving licence, bank accounts and credit cards etc.


We believe we have developed the simplest and most affordable name change service in the UK today. So if your not 100% happy we want you to be 100% refunded.

When you use our service you will also receive a certified copy of your name deed PLUS The Essential Guide to Changing Your Name (RRP £19.99) ABSOLUTELY FREE.

No other online name change service provides comparable quality or value-for-money.

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Reasons you may want to change your name include: return to a maiden name; divorce or separation; a fresh start with a new identity; anglicising a foreign name; adoption; formalising a stage name; or your simply unhappy or bored with your current name.

Whatever the reason, whatever the circumstance – all you need do is complete a simple questionnaire and receive your deed poll certificate in less than 2 minutes – It couldn’t be easier!

No Solicitor! No Complicated Legal Forms! No Solicitor Jargon! All you need are your personal details and a few minutes of your time!