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The Essential Guide to Separation Agreements Jayne McGill ©2005

This advice-filled guide covers every aspect of name change by deed poll including:

'The 4 Tips to Changing Your Name Quickly'

Subjects also covered include:

  • Who to inform
  • Changing legal records
  • Documents you can’t change
  • Celebrating your new name
  • And much, much more…

Changing your name is not as simple as getting people to call you by your new name. You need to make it official. Getting a Deed Poll certificate is easy. The complicated part is making sure everybody knows your new name. To do so there are important formalities you need to initiate. For example you need to change your passport details, inform DVLA, tell your bank etc... A comprehensive list of things that needs to be done now you have changed your name is covered in the easy-to-read eGuide: The Essential Guide to Changing Your Name.